You can reach us by cell phone at cell:

6711 9594 or 674 974 35 (from US dial 011 507 first) Panama country code is 507 – no area codes



*Direct booking is offered at a cheaper price than what you might find on different booking engines


**We are 4 miles out of town, and cell phone reception is not always the greatest, at the very least you should be able to leave a voice mail. It is best to contact us via e-mail. We check e-mails several times daily. Phone messages are checked daily as well, but we cannot return international calls.


There are no “addresses” in Bocas, only land marks…. We are ” the big 3-story house with a blue roof just before Bluff Beach”


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How to proceed

Once you have selected an accommodation,
first e-mail us to find out if it is available and upon confirmation that it is, request a 12hr courtesy hold.

Direct booking is offered at a cheaper price than what you might find on different booking engines

Tesoro Escondido is 4 miles out of town, and does not cater to many “walk-ins”. Because we rely heavily on our internet reservation system, we must require that a 50% deposit be made at the time of reservation, and that the balance be paid at the time of arrival. After we have confirmed what is available, we will put a 12hr courtesy hold on your accommodation to give you time to make your deposit. After that time, should other guests wish to make a deposit on the same accommodation for the same time period, their request will be processed with the same courtesy hold.

Timely receipt of deposit is usually only an issue during the peak months of December, January, July and August, the height of our surf season.


On site we will accept cash only. We can no longer accept traveler’s checks as our only local bank no longer will accept them.

There are two ATMs in town.


If your cancellation request is received by e-mail, 60 days or more before booking date, you will be refunded the deposit minus 10% handling fee.

If your cancellation request is received by e-mail, 30 days or more before booking date, you will be refunded the deposit minus 20% handling fee.

If your cancellation request is received by e-mail, less than 30 days before booking date, you will ONLY be refunded the deposit minus 20% handling fee IF we are able to rent the accommodation for that same period of time.

If your reservation was made through an intermediary (i.e. travel agent) and you inform that person of your cancellation request, be sure that they forward it immediately to us.

  • Rates DO NOT include 10% IPAT (tourism tax) lodging tax, food or transport.
  • Weekly, monthly or lease not available from Dec. 15 through April 30.

What to Bring

Insect protection

We are in the tropics, and so yes, we do have the occasional insects buzzing around. For those of you who are not entomologist and/or otherwise overly fascinated by this part of the animal kingdom, be reassured that most insects you will encounter are harmless.

Although we are thankfully not plagued with an over-abundance of mosquitoes, they will be around now and then. Sandflies, also known as “no see hums” can be pesky on especially calm days. A good breeze usually disperses them about, as they are very weak flyers.

Our beds have mosquito nets, but if you are allergic or simply wish to totally avoid insect bites, you may want to bring along your favorite insect repellent.

About Food

We have a small restaurant with a limited but tasty menu. Three meals served and full bar also available on the premises.

We are 4 miles away from town, and do not have any grocery stores nearby. If you are planning to cook, we encourage you to make a food stop before driving up to Bluff. If you arrive through Changuinola, be aware that the food selection there is much larger, and also at times quite cheaper than on the island. Having said that, the main supermarket on the island “super Isla Colon”, on the main drag, is well stocked, and the “Super Gourmet” has a nice selection of deli and organic food.

The cabinas and rooms are equipped with large coolers. These were sold as “5-day” cooler. In order to maximise the use of your cooler, do not buy a bag of ice cubes, but buy an ice BLOCK. Two large pieces are sold as one block (sold as one package @ $4.00 at the time of this writing) will last 3-5 days if you are careful to not open the cooler too much and/or leave it open too long.

For your food choice, try to focus on items that do not need refrigeration. Meat in general does not keep more than one day.

Long shelf-life milk is available, but must be refridgerated once opened. We suggest bringing powered milk instead, unless you will be able to drink your quart of milk in a couple of days.

Because we are on solar power, we cannot have any high-energy use items such as electric coffee makers. We do however, provide two types of stove top coffee makers. One is a french-made coffee “plunger”. Coffee is put in a glass jar, then you add boiling water to it, and after the desired amount of time, you push a filter-disk through the jar. The coffee grounds stays at the bottom, and the coffee is poured from the jar. We also provide an italian-made espresso maker, stove-top type. And there is always the “instant coffee” option….

Fresh Water

Our water is filtered rain water. We regularly use it to cook, wash and brush our teeth. To drink, we use pitcher BRITA and PUR water filters. Although the cabinas and communal kitchens are equipped with PUR or Brita pitchers, it is difficult to find the filters here. So If you are planning an extended stay, you may consider investing in pitcher filters (we peovide the pitcher) to cover the length of your stay.

The main kitchen has a pitcher PUR filter but we have found that they are interchangeable (PUR and Brita). If you plan on purchasing water, PLEASE do not purchase water in 1-gallon jugs or sizes smaller. One of our biggest ecological problem on the island is the disposition of plastic. We suggest you purchase a 5-gallon container, which actually will be cheaper than buying separate smaller bottles. You can purchase them at the lodge.

If you wish to buy your own in town, the store will charge you anywhere between $5 and $10 for the deposit.REQUEST A DEPOSIT RECEIPT, with the name of the store on it. Then we will reimburse you for the deposit, keep the bottle and return it for you. Usually the deposit is $5, but we have had instances where our guests are charged much more, and then the store refuses to reimburse more because there is no receipt….


As mentioned above, we are on solar power, including the night lights. If you plan to go out at night, please bring a flashlight with you, especially if you will be staying in the cabinas or 3rd floor.
If you bring a flashlight powered with AA batteries, if you can, bring rechargeable batteries, and we can recharge them for you.

If you plan on doing some night-time turtle watching, please bring the type of flashlight that has a red lens cover available (available in most sports/fishing supplies department stores). Our light bulbs are the energy saving kinds, and admittedly not the brightest bulbs on the planet.

If you want to do some reading at night, we suggest you bring of of those great head lamp, and one of the owne (she knows who she is)r, retracts the comment that “she would not be caught dead with one of those.”. They DO make great reading lights.

Rain Gear

Regardless of the time of year you will come, it is likely you might experience at least one good tropical rain. Although it will always be “warm rain”, you may want to bring some rain gear with you.


Rains are very unpredictable. If somehow you arrive and have to experience a stretch of heavy rain, you will be happy to have brought a good book with you. Incidentally, many of our guests have enjoyed some good reading material, on a hammock, during perfectly good sunny days! We do have quite a collection of books at Casa Azul, but most are in english.

Things for Kids

Along the same line, if you are bringing some young children, plan on bringing at least one of their favorite book or rainy-day game.

Although we do not have TV’s available at Tesoro Escondido, if cabin fever has set in, we might be able to make available our laptop to watch an occasional video in the main house.

So if your child has a favorite DVD, bring that along too! As a last resort, we have a few children-friendly pets, who will happy to play all day long if they are engaged! We also have a small collection of games such as checkers, chess, backgammon, scrabble, etc.